Commissioner De Industries, Unemployment and Brain Drain-4

Commissioner De Industries, Unemployment

Burier continues his adventurous career. He finds financial institutions pressing for repayment of loans given to entrepreneurs. Recovery becomes impossible. Many are unable to repay. Banks initiate legal action for recovery. Legal notices are issued in rapid succession. Many units are closed. The government takes over a few of them. In many cases only a short interval existed between inauguration and closure. The government appoints a special task force to look after the assets of the units taken over. The co-author of the scheme flees the country and lands on a plum job in an inaccessible country. When the Press contacts him just before departure, he gives his assessment of the scheme. He says “the scheme is a grand success but the promoters are colossal failures”

Those units which are completed have no electricity. The express sanction of loans for the projects provided added attraction for the officials. They interpret any decision taken as part of official duty as a favor and cash it at a premium. Real entrepreneurship manifests in sanctioning and executing part of the project requiring finance and not obviously as managerial skill or ability. “Cuts, cuts everywhere”, “Self before service” are the mottos and this finds expansion of the banking industry though temporarily.

The venture leaves disastrous effects on the economy. Several sheds are vacant for want of entrepreneurs. Wandering impoverished cattle replace them. Cattle owners find the sheds an ideal shelter for their uncared animals. Some of them, who stood with the project until disbursal of the loan, disappear leaving the bankers to console themselves by having cattle in the sheds as security. The herds find excellent shelter inside and are protected from sun and rain. In many cases the entrepreneurs acquire the traits of thieves.They display entrepreneurial qualities more in ensuring default of loans than in successfully running the units. They run away and go into hiding for fear of the police or court decree.

In short the program crashes before it takes off. After many attempts and as a last resort the authorities organize a grand festival to write off loans. The borrowers welcome this and want this to be an annual feature so that they can confidently start industries with borrowed funds. This is really venture capital. It means venturing without own capital.

The innovative approach of Burier attracts attention of political heads including deadwoods. They find in him a reservoir of talent and ideas and are eager to tap them. They turn their attention to the problem of unemployment and entrust the task of finding a solution, to Burier. He is given additional charge of the portfolio.

Burier evolves a novel idea of developing women entrepreneurs. He chooses a high profile society lady of large proportions and wide dimensions but with a penetrating intellect as the chair person of the task force. She submits a detailed proposal on making steel castings in a foundry. Any woman who pays $100 is entitled to join as a shareholder and additional bank finance is organized. (To be continued).


How We Taught Our Children the Value of Money

How We Taught Our Children the Value of Money

It used to be when our three children were all under the age of 10 we gave them an allowance based on their age and ability to perform certain household tasks. It was meant as a way for them to understand the value of earning and saving money and paying for things out of their own pocket.

What we soon realized was they needed another way to have a more positive relationship with money. And I do mean relationship. If my husband and I taught them anything it is that money, while inanimate, can have a positive or negative effect on how you live your life.

The first thing we did was stop giving them an allowance from our own pocket. We cut that cold turkey. First of all, what did that teach them? That we were their bosses? That taking out the trash and doing regular household chores has a dollar value? As a mom I don’t get paid for cooking and cleaning, why should they?

So the next thing we did was help them find ways to earn their own money based on their age and level of responsibility.

My 12-year-old was able to find babysitting jobs immediately. Fortunately we live in a neighborhood full of young families. My daughter’s reputation grew and soon she was babysitting for five families. She was making much more than the weekly allowance we used to give her. She was also discovering her earning potential and felt proud that she was doing something her friends we not, creating a little business for herself and watching her bank account go up and to the right.

Our two younger children were always begging me to get a puppy. I always said “No” to that request because I knew I’d become the main caregiver. One day I realized that if I kept saying “No”, they would miss out on a great experience. So it was during this time that we all came up with the idea to create a neighborhood pet sitting service. Not only did we have a neighborhood of young families, but it was also a neighborhood with lots of pets.

At the time my two youngest were seven and 10. That may seem young, so I was very involved at the beginning and supervised most of their jobs for the first few years. We developed marketing tools, balance sheets, client forms and even business cards. We learned through some mistakes what to do better the next time. For instance always carry the house key on a lanyard around your neck so you don’t accidentally leave it in the neighbor’s house and lock the door behind you. That was our most costly mistake because we had to break a back window (and pay for it) to get back in.

Their experience taking care of pets taught them to be responsible and they learned how much they really wanted a dog of their own. So when they earned enough money they were so proud and excited to get a Golden Retriever puppy. All three of them chipped in with their hard earned money. They even paid for the veterinary bills and the food!

My children are now 13, 16 and 19. They all have a great relationship with money. They have learned that they can create their own small business doing the things they love and make money in the process. They save a lot, spend a little, and we also make sure they donate to a good cause once a year. My eldest has saved up enough money to pay for her first year of college. That would never have happened had we continued giving them an allowance.

Start small. Jot down some hobbies that can be turned into a small business. Consider tutoring, babysitting, petsitting and mowing lawns.

Housing Finance Explained

Housing Finance Explained

Don’t we all know that there are costs that come with owning a house! Especially, ongoing costs, that have paramount safety implications as well being able to ensure a reasonable level of comfort.

Let’s start with utilities. Most people in developed countries have never had to to walk miles to fetch buckets of water to bring back home (or should that be buy massive bottles of water, from retail stores like Lidl?). As wonderful a thing as water on tap is, it can only come at a price. When you move home, the first thing you need to do is ascertain the contact of an approved plumber as well as the water company (who are, of course, responsible, for keeping that water uncontaminated etc.!).

In this article’s country of origin, it seems to me that people prefer radiators over open fires with chimneys. Of course, in the modern day and age we are always comforted by the idea that there are alternatives to open combustion indoors; dangerous! Know whether your heating comes from gas or from electricity, keep your gas man or electrician on standby. The only real ones worth considering are registered ones (CIPHE / CORGI / APHC in the UK) who don’t try to fob you off with hidden costs and who do not always disappoint by not having the right equipment.

As far as electricity goes, there are usually additional charges involved if you intend to have a PC with Internet access – but this should be discussed with the individual retailer.

Everyone goes on about mobile phones these days but that does not mean that they have ceased to take their land lines and answering machines for granted. Always allow consideration for calls costs – but would you know whom to turn to if you got a bad reception or something like that? Who’s your phone engineer?

Other than that, homes tend to be the best source of work for DIY contractors – painters / decorators, plasterers, aerial engineers etc. etc.

Another aspect of the broad topic of housing finance is the housing market. Your real estate agent should help to provide you with good suggestions when you are seeking to avail yourself of a new domicile (but consider mortgages issues). Of course, banks are always willing to discuss the housing deals that they have on offer (but you should always read everything – including the small print – before you sign anything).

Home Business Ideas for Seniors

Home Business Ideas for Seniors

A small home business can provide extra spending money or finances for living expenses. If you are a senior thinking of starting a business, here are ideas and options to consider.

Internet Home Business Advantages

Selling a product or offering a service online differs in several important ways from operating a local business. One of the biggest advantages of an online home business may be its market potential. With the Internet, you can find needed supplies or merchandise for your business, and sell to customers worldwide.

This is especially valuable if you are interested in marketing a very specialized items or service. Unusual and unique products and services will probably appeal to someone somewhere – via the Internet, but may be impossible to sell locally.

Another big advantage of an online small business is its flexibility. With the Internet, you can pretty much work on building your business according to your own preferences and time schedule. You can even close up “shop” for days, weeks, or even months at a time and not worry about the pool of potential customers drying up.

Possible Internet Home Businesses

Seniors, more than the general population may excel at certain types of online businesses. Some possibilities are:

Past work experience Services

If you’ve spent many years perfecting your skills in a subject or field, consider selling your expertise online. Advertise your extensive background and charge a little higher than the norm for your practical knowledge. Customers appreciate finding someone who really “knows their stuff”, and your business should prosper.

Senior-related Products or Services

Because of your own experiences, you are more likely to know what other seniors might want or need. Products for retired and senior citizens you might consider selling include knowledge (articles and books), items relating to entertainment, travel, lifestyle, nutrition, and health. An Internet business could also provide any services that could be delivered or arranged electronically and would fulfill the needs and desires of seniors.

Local Home Business Advantages

If you would rather spend your time involved in business activities that do not involve the computer, a local home business might be the ticket. One large advantage is an opportunity to socialize. A big part of many home-based small businesses is some or a great deal of interaction and even socializing with clients and customers.

You can also build a local business that is done mostly from home with very little interaction with others. Or even none – through arrangements with other marketers. Possible local home businesses for seniors to consider include:

Antique and collectible Items

If you enjoy shopping at garage and estate sales, thrift stores etc., you might do very well at dealing in used, old, and vintage things. Depending on your preferences, you can sell at flea markets, collectibles shows, on consignment in the shops of others, or even open your own store.

Craft and Holiday Items

Making and selling crafts or holiday items of any kind is a possibility for seniors who love the work. Selling options include craft or holiday fairs and shows, on consignment in various shops, or through you own store.

Outdoors or Indoors Services

Any type of work geared towards the needs of local resident seniors will probably do well. Choose to offer something that your research shows is in short supply in the area, and that you enjoy and do well. Or choose to provide skills to the general population of your area and advertise your considerable background. Providing professional services of all kinds should work well also, if the number of competing providers is limited where you live.