Finance Your Mortgage or Pay Off Credit Cards

Pay Off Credit Cards

Are you worried about how you are going to survive financially? Well, you’re not alone. The economy is in bad shape. Incomes have dropped by 10% from what they were last year. With the rising cost of utilities, food, gas and other necessary living expenses, many people are running out of cash long before their next paycheck.

The economic crisis has not bottomed out and is not expected to until sometime in 2010. Financial advisers are suggesting people tighten their belts a little tighter by adopting a budget and sticking to it. Cut out all unnecessary expenses, pay off credit cards and keep one or two credit cards with the lowest rate and start a savings account. It’s easy to say but hard to do.

Paying off huge credit cards balances and keeping the mortgage on the house current is a struggle for most Americans today. But when you’ve done all you can do and bank loans have all but dried up, here are a few sources of cash you might try:

Virgin Money

Virgin Money has two types of loan programs. Social Lending which formalizes loans between family and friends and Traditional Lending, you borrow from Virgin Money.

Social Lending

Let’s say you need extra money to pay off credit cards, to fix the car or for a down payment on a new home and you think mom or dad might help. Relatives or friends would probably feel more comfortable loaning you money if the loan was formalized and handled by a third party. Virgin Money negotiates the terms and repayment schedule. The interest rates can be lower and the terms more flexible than a traditional bank.

Traditional Lending

Maybe you are trying to sell your home and can’t find any bank approved buyers. Virgin Money offers FHA, fixed and adjustable rate mortgages. Get the information you need from Virgin Money.

Lending Club

Reader’s Digest lists as a possible source of cash. They offer low rates and fixed monthly payments on personal loans, auto, debt consolidation, student and home improvement. If your credit is good, you can get a lower interest rate than you would receive from more traditional sources.

Lending Club has been written up by CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC News and quite a few more. Read the news coverage and see what you think.

Since traditional loans are harder to get and social lending clubs have become a viable source of loans, the Securities and Exchange Commission is busy trying to form regulations and approve each club. Two clubs awaiting approval are and They have suspended operations and hope to reopen soon. At the rate the economy is crashing, let’s hope it’s soon! and are for riskier loans. They facilitate loans between borrowers and lenders. Be sure to gather as much information as you can and understand the risks and your rights before you borrow or lend.

Private Student Loans

The demand for student loans has increased while the availability of loans has decreased. GreenNote is a social lending club for student loans and they provide fixed rates and no co-signer or citizenship is needed. Relatives, friends or anyone who wants to invest in you, can fund your education. GreenNote formalizes the loan and handles all the details, including repayment. Read news and press releases for GreenNote.

Be careful, these loans are real and need to be paid back. Missed or late payments will be reported to credit bureaus.

Instant Loans – Funds by Applying Online and Gaining Quick Sanction

Funds by Applying Online

When you need to go to office everyday, you have very little time for other things in your life. This thing may also happen when you are facing the problem of credit scarcity. What can be done in such a situation? Such a person can apply for instant loans without any apprehensions. With the help of this fiscal service, the borrower would get hold of funds by applying online and would be gaining quick sanction.

The mode of financial transfer that is followed here is electronic wiring, this would make the documentation completely nil. One would not waste his time in any undesirable filling and faxing of papers in this process of money lending.

If you want to apply for instant loans, you can put into use the free of cost and no obligation application form that would be given on the website of the money lenders. You should fill this form with your authentic personal information. The borrower would get a rapid approval, as and when the process of verification would be over. In as quick as 24 hours, the money would get transferred into your bank account.

Depending on your settlement ability as well as monetary ability, you can grab small cash advance that falls in the range of £80 to £1500. You have to pay this credit aid back in the comfortable repayment tenure of 1 to 30 days. One can do a number tasks that hold importance for him. You can pay the credit card installments, can pay the household and utility bills, can get small house modifications done, can send the car for a repair job and so on.

There is no need for you to give credit confirmation. IVA, arrears, insolvency, bankruptcy, foreclosures, CCJs and so on are no-issues at all for the lenders.