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When it comes to weddings, if there’s one rule all guests should follow, it’s that only the bride should be wearing white.

However, we frequently hear tales where relatives and friends show up on the big day, wearing white gowns, attempting to upstage the bride.

But one woman has shared a story where a guest at her sister’s wedding went one step further.

Writing anonymously for, the woman explained how a guest she didn’t know turned up to the wedding in a slinky white dress and then at the reception, stole the bride’s seat while she was up, doing the rounds.

The sister explains how she had a bad feeling about the way the guest looked far too comfortable sitting in the bride’s seat, talking closely with the groom.

She didn’t like it one bit, so marched up to the table and said: “That’s my sister’s seat.”

Neither of them did or said anything.

“I don’t know who you are, but you shouldn’t attend a wedding wearing white and then sit in the bride’s seat when it’s not your wedding,” she continued.

Some of the guests had started looking at them at this point, so the guest decided to get up and leave, saying to the groom: “I’ll speak to you later.”

Neither the bride nor the family wanted to make any more of a fuss about it and risk ruining the special occasion.

But the sister claims she knew in her heart that “something was not right” about the two of them.

The incident wasn’t spoken of again for two years – but it turns out she had been right.

“We discovered two years later the woman and my brother-in-law had been having an affair,” she told the publication.

“In some ways, I was furious with myself for not speaking up. All my sister had now was a marriage of two years that had been a lie.”

She added: “I wish I’d made a bigger fuss at the wedding about that woman being in that seat so that more people could have seen. And spoken to my sister openly about my concerns.

“This is why wise people advise, ‘Trust your instincts’.”