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Whether you’re convinced any bump in the night is a ghost, or firmly believe spirits aren’t real, some accounts can still unnerve you.

Take what happened to one woman who shared a spine-tingling story of what she recently discovered in her home.

Angelica, 21, was urged to move house after sharing the “creepy” artwork she discovered behind a wall.

Upon exploring a little further, she discovered it was covering a hole that connected to their bathroom and was filled with rubbish including an empty cup.

She explained that she initially discovered the artwork after getting a kitten who loves to hide around the house.

But Angelica and her boyfriend were left creeped out after stumbling upon a mysterious hole in the kitchen while looking for their moggie.

In a video, Angelia showed off the cute cat – and the artwork they discovered while looking for her.

She explained: “So me and my boyfriend got a new kitty recently and she was hiding.

“So we were trying to find out where she was. We tried looking behind the couch and we couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Then we look in the kitchen and we see that there’s a hole here.”

She then zoomed in on the hole in her skirting, and helpfully held up her hand to show off its size.

Inside, there was an unusual hangman style picture – which left viewers creeped out.

Angelica continued: “Let me just show you what we found.

“I’ve put my wide-angle lens on so you can see it better.

“This hole is really tiny compared to my hand, but when you go in here, there’s a picture. I don’t know what the hell that means.”

In another video, Angelica said her cat wouldn’t leave the hole and kept looking at the artwork.

After researching online, she said the document resembled runes, but she couldn’t find a match online.

Other TikTok users were terrified by the disturbing discovery, with many urging her to get a Priest to visit her house.

The couple then took out their stove, in order to examine the picture more closely, and found it was discovering a hole.

Angelica said: “This made everything way creepier, just because we didn’t know what the hell was back there.

“So the hole is connected to our bathroom, what you’re seeing right now is our bathtub.

“We ended up finding a 7-11 cup that looks like it’s from 1993 and also a random piece of cardboard.

“So we still don’t have a concrete answer so we decided to burn the paper.”

Lots of people were left creeped out, and many urged her to move house.

One warned: “The cat is trying to tell you something,” while another joked: “Oh hell no, that’s how scary movies begin.”

Another added: “It means get a new house in a different country,” while another replied: “Leave, leave now with what you have on you.”