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If you’re scared of spiders, you’ll know the all-consuming fear that rockets through your veins when you spot one in your house.

The sense of panic as you mentally calculate how far away it is and at what speed it could get to you, is sadly very real.

So spare a thought for one poor woman, who had a very unpleasant encounter in the bathroom.

The woman, only known as Lucy, shared a video of how she discovered spotted black wires hanging from her tap.

But it wasn’t actually wires – it appeared to be the legs of a spider that was firmly wedged inside the tap, ready to shoot out when the water was turned on.

Her video of the discovery has gone viral, with more than 890,000 views, although some pointed out that it could be a plastic spider.

In the caption, she wrote: “So I saw these things sticking out the bath tap,” before zooming in up the spout of the tap.

She then turned the taps on, which dislodged the uninvited house guest – and sparked a wave of comments from arachnophobes.

The video left many people unnerved, as one joked: “I would’ve died,” while another wrote: “That thing was about to take my life out.”

Others joked that they couldn’t watch for fear something would jump out the tap, and many admitted they didn’t finish the whole video.

But one person claimed: “That’s a toy spider, I’m not having it.”

Lots of people urged the woman to leave, with one commenting: “Pack your bag and burn the house down.”

Another agreed, commenting: “Simple solution is to move house.”