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Giants’ Drew Robinson crushes home run year after losing his right eye

Drew Robinson, who lost his right eye a year ago, completed a remarkable comeback on Tuesday night when he hit his first home run since his injury. Robinson sustained the

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Youths with diverse gender identities bullied up to three times more than peers

Young people with diverse gender identities may be bullied and victimized up to three times more often than peers who identify as male or female, a new study of more

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Buffett and Munger heap criticism on Robinhood for casino-like atmosphere

Warren Buffett on Saturday likened the millions of inexperienced day traders who entered the stock market in the past year to gamblers, and said commission-free brokerages such as Robinhood Financial

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An out-of-control Chinese rocket has re-entered Earth’s atmosphere

The 100-foot-tall, 22-metric-ton Chinese Long March 5B rocket that launched the first chunk of Beijing’s new space station last month has reentered Earth’s atmosphere near the Maldives, China’s Manned Space

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Man gobsmacked by simple trick to remove avocado pit without using a knife

Removing the seed from an avocado can be a dangerous task if attempted carelessly. Whilst some people use a spoon to prise the pit out, the most common method is

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