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Removing the seed from an avocado can be a dangerous task if attempted carelessly.

Whilst some people use a spoon to prise the pit out, the most common method is to hit it with a knife – however, this is pretty risky.

Now, a foodie has shared a much safer way to do it.

Trace Alexander has racked up a staggering 718,000 followers on TikTok for his creative oat recipes – now, he’s testing viral life hacks so you don’t have to.

In a clip that has been viewed more than 270,000 times, Trace demonstrates a technique by fellow user @mynameischo, whose the self-proclaimed ‘CEO of SushiTok’.

He begins by cutting the avocado right down the middle length-wise, before twisting the halves apart.

But instead of trying to get the pit out with a knife or a spoon as many people have tried before, he uses his hand.

Trace cradles the avocado in the palm of his hand, with his index finger and middle finger on each side of the pit, then his thumb on the back of the fruit.

Then with gentle pressure, he pushes the seed, and when it pops out with ease, Trace is stunned.

Since being posted, the video has been liked almost 64,000 times and has received more than 500 comments from impressed foodies.

One person said: “So you’re telling me I’ve been terrified of cutting my fingers off for it to be this easy?”

Another person wrote: “My life will never be the same.”

“Would’ve been nice to know this before I sent myself to the [emergency room] with a hole in the hand,” said a third.

And a fourth viewer wrote: “I’m so excited. It’s the littlest things.”